This a 3D dungeon crawler inspired by games like The Dark Spire and Etrian Odyssey. This is a demo project that started as a homework. Your objective is try to get to the last room of the demo floor solving some light riddles while fighting some monsters.

Many parts of the game are not quite finisihed. For example, there's only one battle effect for all characters and the heal effect leaves a particle behind, among other things (Like a leveling system). If you like the game, and want to see it in a more completed state, please don't forget to support!


  • Everything is controlled via mouse click. Menus, dialogue and battle options, etc. Even in the 3D dungeon you can go forward clicking anywhere, rotate the view  draggin the mouse to the right or left and go backwards draggin the mouse to the back.
  • You can also move in the 3D dungeon with the WASD keys.


  • Turn-based combat
  • 4 main characters with disctinct traits and commands
  • Solve some riddles to discover new areas
  • 3D dungeon with a 2D overlay

Programming: Ragnatic
Art: CarolRiverArt


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looks great well done

Whoa this game looks great! I love Etrian Odyssey style dungeon crawlers :):)

Thanks! And sorry for the late reply! We have been working and adding features to the game. I will update this demo when we there's enough content.